What is the Eeva™ Test?

The Eeva Test is a predictive, non-invasive, first-in-class test cleared by the FDA to aid in IVF embryo selection. The Test was designed to provide your IVF team with reliable, objective information to select embryos with greater confidence as they strive to do everything possible to improve your odds of a successful pregnancy.

How does the Eeva Test work?

The Eeva Test uses non-invasive, time-lapse imaging of embryos during incubation. It creates a video of embryos as they develop undisturbed inside the incubator. The Eeva Test analyzes how the embryos are developing based on cell division parameters and categorizes them into “High” and “Low”. Your IVF team can then combine the quantitative information provided by the Eeva Test with traditional embryo morphology when making the decision regarding embryo transfer and your IVF treatment pathway.

What are the benefits of the Eeva Test?

Of the many factors that contribute to successful IVF, one of the most important and most challenging is selecting which embryo or embryos to transfer. Embryologists make this selection based on observations of the embryo’s visual appearance at fixed times and are often faced with a difficult decision when there appear to be several similar looking embryos from which to choose. The results of the Eeva Test have been shown in clinical studies to increase the ability of embryologists to accurately identify embryos with the highest developmental potential.

Is the Eeva Test safe?

The Eeva Test is non-invasive and safe. Research has shown that imaging embryos has no detrimental effects on embryo development.

What information can patients receive from the Eeva Test?

The Eeva Test creates videos of your embryos that you, at the discretion of your physician, may receive at the end of your IVF cycle along with a report of your Eeva Test results.

How will I know if the Eeva Test can help improve my IVF cycle?

Talk to your IVF team to explore whether the Eeva Test could be helpful for you.

Who developed the Eeva Test?

The Eeva Test was developed by Auxogyn. Auxogyn is a leader in women’s reproductive health and is committed to applying the latest scientific discoveries in early embryo development to create solutions that will help more women and couples have a successful IVF journey.

Is the Eeva Test similar to chromosomal screening of embryos (PGS)?

No. PGS is an invasive test where embryologists take a few cells out of an embryo to see if the embryo has the right number of chromosomes. The Eeva Test is non-invasive and uses cell dividing parameters to predict embryo development potential.

Where is the Eeva Test available?

The Eeva Test is now available in leading clinics across the US. For a list of clinics in your area using the Eeva Test, please click on the “Find a Clinic”

How many IVF patients have used the Eeva Test?

Thousands of women within Europe, Canada and the US have chosen to use the Eeva Test in their IVF cycles and the number is growing every day.

Is the Eeva Test FDA cleared?

The Eeva System is the first test cleared by the FDA to aid in embryo selection and is now available in select IVF clinics in the US. It has been available in Europe and Canada since 2012 and 2013 respectively.

How much does the Eeva Test cost?

Pricing for the Eeva Test is set by each individual clinic. Ask your IVF team how much they charge.

Is the Eeva Test covered by insurance?

Due to the novel nature of this technology, we do not expect insurance plans will cover the Eeva Test at the moment. We encourage you to consult with your IVF clinic team regarding financial cost of the test and any forms you may need to submit claims to your insurance company