Embryo Selection with the Eeva Test

The Eeva Test Helps Your IVF Team Select the Best Embryos to Transfer.

As the first and only test cleared by the FDA to aid in embryo selection, the Eeva™ Test is used by leading IVF clinics to safely and reliably assess the developmental potential of embryos in the first few days of development.

Different from genetic screening based on embryo biopsy, the Eeva Test uses non-invasive, time-lapse imaging of embryos during undisturbed incubation that detects critical and subtle differences in cell division.

A special camera-equipped microscope placed inside the laboratory incubator captures time-lapse video of embryos from Day 1 through Day 3 of development. Based on this, the Eeva Test analyzes the developmental potential for the embryos and categorizes them into “High” and “Low”

The Eeva Screen shows all embryos at the same time with color-coded squares to quickly identify the embryos with the highest developmental potential.

Your IVF Team uses Eeva Test results together with their own clinical observations to select the best embryos to transfer. In clinical studies, Eeva Test results have been shown to increase the ability of embryologists to accurately select embryos with the highest developmental potential, regardless of their level of experience.

Clinical Data

The Eeva Test: An Overview

“Taking out some unknowns is very appealing. Ultimately the embryologist will select, but I like being told WHY they made the selection. It would make me feel more confident, more secure, more calm. It’s another thing that is helping to get to the end point we’re trying to get to.”

-1st Time IVF Patient