The Eeva Test

The First and Only FDA-Cleared Test to Aid in Embryo Selection

The EevaTM Test was designed to provide your IVF team with reliable, objective information to select embryos with greater confidence as they strive to do everything possible to improve your odds of a successful pregnancy.

Different from genetic screening based on embryo biopsy, the Eeva Test uses non-invasive time-lapse imaging to consistently and objectively assess early embryo development milestones from Day 1 through Day 3 and analyzes this information to predict each embryo’s potential for further development. This takes place within the safe and controlled environment of the incubator without disturbing the embryos.

Results of the Eeva Test have been shown in clinical studies to increase the ability of embryologists to accurately identify embryos with the highest developmental potential.

The Eeva Test creates videos of your embryos that, at the discretion of your physician, you may receive at the end of your IVF cycle along with a report of your Eeva Test results. Your doctor can review this information with you to give you added insight and confidence that the embryo(s) with the very best potential have been selected. The following is an example of an Eeva Test video.


Eeva Test Video – One embryo


Following a review of the benefits and risks associated with the Eeva Test, and determination of its safety and effectiveness, the Eeva Test has been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States to aid in embryo selection. To date thousands of women in Europe, Canada and the US have chosen to include the Eeva Test in their IVF cycles.

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