The Clinical Success of the Eeva Test

How does my IVF Team use the Eeva Test Results

Your IVF team uses Eeva Test results together with their own clinical observations to select the best embryos to transfer. Results of the Eeva Test have been shown to increase the ability of embryologists to accurately identify embryos with the highest developmental potential.

Traditionally, embryologists select embryos based on “morphology grading”, in which they view embryos under a microscope once or twice a day during the first few days of development and assess their visual appearance.

These snapshot observations are subjective and based on the experience and ability of the embryologist. Often, embryologists have a difficult choice to make when there appear to be several good/fair embryos from which to select one or more to transfer.

In a clinical study, five embryologists from five different clinics with varying levels of experience analyzed more than 700 embryos using two methods:

  1. Traditional methods "morphology grading" alone  (observation of embryos under a microscope to assess visual appearance, such as the number, symmetry and appearance of cells)
  2. Traditional methods together with Eeva Test results

The participating embryologists increased their ability to accurately predict embryo development potential by an average of 53% over traditional methods when using Eeva Test results together with their traditional methods of selection.

The Eeva Test is prescribed by your doctor. Please speak with your doctor to see if it is right for you.  Your doctor should discuss all potential benefits and risks with you.

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