Aiding Embryo Selection

When It’s Time to Choose, Put Confidence On Your Side.

Of the many factors that contribute to successful IVF, one of the most important and most challenging is selecting which embryo or embryos to transfer.

Embryologists make this selection based on observations of the embryos’ visual appearance and are often faced with a difficult decision when there appear to be several good/fair embryos from which to choose.

The EevaTM Test is the only non-invasive test that can provide objective, early information about the developmental potential of your embryos to help you and your doctor make this critical decision with greater confidence.

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“By offering the Eeva Test, our patients have confidence that we are continually utilizing new technologies to help them maximize their chances for a successful outcome in their journeys to become parents.”

-Robin L. Poe-Zeigler, MD, FACOG (New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine)